Air Plant Tillandsia xerografica x 1 Plant

Air Plant Tillandsia xerografica x 1 Plant

Plant height in cm (approx): 16

17-18 cm  diameter

Tillandsia - Commonly known as air plants, these botanical curiosities can be found in jungles, rain forests or deserts - from sea level to high mountain regions, and increasingly in homes and offices where their low-maintenance and intriguing shapes are hugely appealing. Although these are low care plants, that is not the same as no care at all.

Light: full sun, but you should avoid the afternoon sun in the summer

Watering:  This air plant need the l moderate level of humidity. Good aeration is required, the plant must dry quickly. Keep the compost moderatelymoist during growth,allowing it to dry slightlybetween each watering period

Don't cover the base of the plant with moss or it may rot. It can be grown on almost any decorative mount, shells, rocks,driftwood, etc.

The price is for one item

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