Alocasia Black Velvet

Alocasia Black Velvet 

Pot in cm: barerooted

Height in cm: 13

Relatively small alocasia plant with almost black, heart-shaped leaves with velvety touch. Its leaves are thick and sturdy. The Alocasia originally found in Malaysia and Borneo.  Black Velvet alocasia plant species are the easier among the rest alocasias. Although it needs regular waterings it will tolerate occasional brief dry conditions. Its thick leaves that hold water allow the plant to survive occasional droughts without any detriment.

Light: bright indirect light

Soil: damp, well-draining soil

Watering: water once the top inch of soil feels dry,  let your plant drain well after watering

Fertilizer: high fertilizer requirements. Feed monthly during the growing season

Humidity: high humidity

The plant is sent in an envelope without a pot