Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania - Zebra plant

Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania  - Zebra Plant

Pot in cm: 13

Height in cm: 35 (including pot)


Aphelandra Squarrosa 'Dania' is a variety of the popular, pet friendly, 'zebra plant'. It is characterised by green leaves with strong white veining and undulating leaves. Aphelandra will thrive in a bright spot and although it can tolerate shade it wont flower if its not given enough light.

The  Aphelandra Squarrosa Dania produces beautiful yellow blooms that last for an average of 6 weeks, after which the spent flowers can be removed. The Aphelandra originally grows mainly in the tropical jungle and therefore likes heat, no direct sunlight and sufficient water.

With the unique Aphelandra with its special leaf, you bring the feeling of a tropical jungle into your home.

Light:  well-lit area that receives indirect or filtered light, not direct sunlight 

Soil: well draining, rich potting soil 

Watering: keep the soil  moist but not excessively wet,  little water on a frequent basis 

Fertilizer: two to four weeks during the warmer months and no fertilizer - during the cooler months