Araucaria Araucana - Monkey Puzzle in 19 cm pot

Araucaria Araucana - Monkey Puzzle in 19 cm pot

Pot size in cm: 19

Plant height in cm (approx): 40

Araucaria araucana Or Monkey Puzzle Tree, as the plant is called in England. Incidentally, there are no monkeys in the area where the Araucarias grow ... The Araucaria comes from the Andes mountains in South America. The species name Araucaria is derived from the Araucaria region of Chile.

Araucaria araucana is a protected tree species. The seedlings are imported from Argentina with a CITES license.

Although the plant will grow into a large tree, it will take some time to reach that point. The open structure of the branches reduces the shadow effect. Regarding care: make sure the soil is permeable with a deep groundwater table. The plant hates wet feet. It causes root rot. Make sure the soil is fertilized regularly. This keeps the plant healthy. Cut away dead branches down to the green wood. This will keep the plant looking good.