Asplenium antiquum Leslie Fern

Asplenium antiquum Leslie Fern

Pot size in cm: 12

Plant height in cm (approx): 30

Asplenium is an epiphytes and grows up in the tree canopies. It grows a tall rosettes of glossy leaves with very ruffled edges.  Because this plant adapts so easily to different climates, it is a plant that is extremely suitable for home use. 

Easy care and shade tolerant perfect for living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Asplenium is popular for its air purifying qualities. 

Light: light spot, can not stand the full sun

Soil: soil with loads of organic material

Watering: water well, but never allow the bird nest to completely dry out

Fertilizer: use 

Humidity:  require high humidity level, frequently mist the surrounding areas

It is better to repot the plant at least once every 2- 3 years