Mini Cactus Succulent Mix - set of 20 plants - in terracota pots

Cactus Succulent Mix - set of 20 plants - in terracota pots

Care: Easy

Pot in cm: 3

Height in cm: 5 (including pot)

Position: bright and warm spot, direct sunlight

Soil:  well-draining potting compost

Watering: as and when required, allow to dry up in between

Succulents survive dry indoor environments thanks to their special adaptations – fleshy leaves, thick stems – that allow the plants to store water. 

Cacti are succulent plants and loves the sun. Therefore, you can easily place the actus in direct sunlight; it will make the colour more intense and give it a nicer shine. The soil can dry up in between watering the echeveria, so it’s easy to take care of! You can add plant fertilizer in the growth season, from April to September.
Set of cactus plants make perfect gift for 
House/Office or a wedding favours.

Please Note: When purchasing plants please consider that each live item is unique and may therefore differ from the images shown, which are for illustration purposes only.
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