Calathea Mieli Beautystar barerooted

Calathea Mieli Beaurystar barerooted

Pot in cm: barerooted

Height in cm: 12

It is a tropical foliage houseplant. named due to its attractive foliage

Light: warm and bright spot, no direct sunlight, will tolerate shadier location. They do best indoors in a North-facing window

Soil: well draining potting compost

Watering: keep the soil moist, water 1-2 times a week. Water when the top two inches of soil feel dry

Fertilizer: lightly with a balanced fertilizer a couple of times a year in growing season

Humidity: prefers medium to high humidity level, mist it daily. Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth once a week.

Repot Calatheas every year or two in the spring

Needs regular grooming

The plant is sent in an envelope without a pot