Calathea Mosaica Network

Calathea Mosaica Network

Pot in cm: 14

Height in cm: 40 (including pot)

Highly collectable plant, native to South America , Calathea can flower, but its not their flowers that attract people to this plant. Flowers when appear are quite modest compare to stunning fleshy leaves that can be very long or small.

Position: Calathea prefers a bright location, though not in direct sun, as it will cause its leaves sun damage. Ideally place the peacock plants in front of a north-, east- or west-facing window. However, it doesn't like the cold nor the draught, so it's a bad idea to put it next to a window that is often left open.

Soil: well draining potting compost

Watering: Calarhea plants should be watered at regular intervals when the top 1-2 cm soil starts to dry. Typically, this will be once or twice every two weeks. They tolerate you forgetting to water it occasionally, but long periods of dried-out soil will result in the tips and edges of the leaves turning brown.