Calathea Picturata

Calathea Picturata

Pot in cm: 12

Height in cm (approx): 35 (including pot)

Highly collectable plant, native to South America , Calathea can flower, but its not their flowers that attract people to this plant. Flowers when appear are quite modest compare to stunning fleshy leaves that can be very long or small. The Calathea Picturata is known for the intense colour in the centre of its leaves surrounded by a band of green colouring. 

Light: warm and bright spot, no direct sunlight, will tolerate shadier location too

Soil: well draining potting compost

Watering: water when the top two inches of soil  starts to dry out, do not wait for the for pot to have dried out.

Fertilizer: once a month during the growing season

Humidity: plants do well in higher humidity, can tolerate medium level humidity but will start to suffer in dry air. 


Ceramic pot for illustration purposes only. Plant supplied in standard nursery pot.