Citrus Calamondin - Phillipine Lime- small orange

Citrus Calamondin - Phillipine Lime- small orange

Pot in cm: 12

Height in cm: 25-30 (including pot)

Position: bright spot, direct sunlight - the more sun the better

Soil:  special citrus compost or well draining ericaceous potting compost

Watering: as and when required, allow to dry up a bit in between 

Feed: Every 2 weeks with citrus fertiliser depending on the season


This Calamondin Orange is a small fruit from the Orient. This variety is widely cultivated in the Philippines, Hawaii, United States and Europe and is often given as a gift during the Chinese New Year to signify good luck.


The Calamondin produces a vivid display of intensely perfumed flowers from March onwards. Fruit matures by November and can stay on the tree for more than six months. The leaves are small and dark-green with a rounded tip, small and dense, giving the tree a finely textural appearance. The fruits grow up to 4cm in diameter and have a very fine rind that becomes loose as the fruit ripens; it’s small, round and orange at full maturity. Widely used as a house or patio plant, the fruits are very sour when eaten raw but can be processed into preserves and jams.

Grow your own fruit, grow our own citrus!  Citrus trees make excellent indoor plants with benefit of your own fruits. They look stunning, scented blooms, and fruits taste good too. During summer can be kept on the sunny spot in the garden.