Cymbidium Orchid Wilhelmina

Cymbidium Orchid Wilhelmina

Pot size in cm: 12

Plant height in cm (approx): 50

Cymbidiums originally come from the Hymalaya Mountains, India and Asia. This orchid can be recognized by its long narrow leaves. 

Wilhelmina variety has orange/brown flowers. This beautiful cymbidium has at least 3 or 4 beautiful flower clusters. The Orchid differs from other cymbidiums by its pure leaves and clearly visible flower stems. 

Cymbidium is the oldest cultivated orchid. Cymbidium is one of the best known and widely popular of all orchids. Easy Care, evergreen - It is one of the easiest orchids to grow.

Orchid is currently in Bloom with Min. 3 branches.

Light: partial sun, place your orchid in a bright room, but not in direct sunlight

Soil: well drainig soil or soil for orchids

Watering: frequently during the growing season, less during the winter, don't let the plant completely dry out. Water the orchid infrequently, being guided by the plant, rather than watering on a schedule. Many more orchids die from over-watering than under-watering.Only water the roots. Keep the flowers and leaves dry. Use a well draining pot.

Fertilizer: during the growing season, feed with a orchis fertilizer

Humidity: it likes  humidity levels of between 40 and 60%