Dieffenbachia Vesuvius

Dieffenbachia Vesuvius aka Dumb Cane


Pot in cm: 17

Height in cm: 60

Position: bright or semi shade 

Soil:  well-draining potting compost

Watering: as and when required, allow to dry up a bit in between 

Dieffenbachia is a genus of tropical flowering plants in the family Araceae. It is widely cultivated as ornamental plants for its stunning foliage. 

Dieffenbachia prefers scattered sunlight or partial shade, will tolerate full shade, which is why it is well-suited as a houseplant.

Dieffenbachia is one piece of nature in all shades of green. With beautifully shaped leaves in amazing prints. The Dieffenbachia is an attractive, robust addition to any interior.

But this sturdy plant is much more than just an eye-catcher.

He is a quiet, hard worker: he improves the humidity and purifies the air. He selflessly returns the breath of nature in return. Pure, pure oxygen. Necessity of life number one.

It is not an empty promise, but a fact proven by NASA.