Dischidia platyphylla

Dischidia platyphylla

Pot size in cm: 14

Plant height in cm (approx): 40

Light: It is best to grow your Dischidia in a spot that does not receive direct sunlight. These plants need bright light, but direct exposure can irrevocably damage the leaves. -choose a window that faces south, east or west. 

Soilplant needs loose soil that drains well - it helps  with preventing root rot. Soil for epiphytic plants is the best option.

Watering: Allow the planting medium to dry out before you water the plant. Water  every 3-5 days

Fertilizer:  It does not need to be fertilized, if you want to increase its growth rate you can add a balanced fertilizer to its soil in the growing season (evry 3 weeks). 

Humidity: High humidity is appreciated for this plant

Repot theit m each year.