Dracaena lucky bamboo in glass pot

Dracaena lucky bamboo in glass pot

Pot in cm: 9

Height in cm: 20

Under the name of the Lucky Bamboo, a charming and not so rare species of dracaena stems of which resemble bamboo. But this cute nickname has caused a lot of confusion.

Lucky bamboo owes much of its popularity to feng shui, with a particular trepidation for its ability to attract good luck and bring happiness. Its an easy-care evergreen perennial, in which both shoots and foliage are equally attractive. Just add water to the planter is in and it is happily continues to grow soil free.

The potted lucky bamboo plant arrangement is the great addition to your home or office décor. Excellent gift idea or housewarming present to add on the desk or door plant will look amazing on your desk, or windowsill.

Give it plenty of light
Happy growing in soil or water