Epipremnum aureum Marble Queen in a hanging pot

Epipremnum aureum Marble Queen in a hanging pot

Plant height in cm (approx): 25-30

Pot size in cm: 15

Beautiful climbing indoor plant. This striking tropical plant is fairly new to house plant nurseries, and is garnering a lot of attention. Big, heart-shaped leaves are dark-green and splashed with white.

Light: bright, indirect sunlight. The best location is in a bright east- or west-facing room

Soil: well-draining potting mix

Watering: water when the soil is partly dry. It is better to water less rather than more. Keep soil barely moist in winter. Yellow leaves are a symptom of overwatering. Provide good drainage.

Fertilizer: during the growing season, once a month or less frequently

Humidity: keep humidity levels high, mist the leaves with distilled water

Your plant will benefit from occasional pruning, which helps it to branch out and become fuller. Spring is the best time to cut it back. Use sharp pruners to avoid tearing the