Sansevieria cylindrica Skyline Twist - Snake Plant

Sansevieria cylindrica Skyline Twist - Snake Plant

Pot in cm: 10

Height in cm: 25 (including pot)

Famous plant that most know as 'Mother's in Law tongue' or Devil's Tongue' or 'Snake Plant'. Native to Africa and South Asia. Comprises of around 70 species all different and interesting looking plants. Although Sansevierias flower, its not their flowers that attract people to this plant. Flowers when appear are quite modest compare to stunning fleshy leaves that can be very long or small. Very collectable plant and one of the easiest to care for. It thrives on neglect. 

Position: Semishade, no direct sunlight

Soil:  well draining potting compost

Watering: keep moderately moist, drier in winter

Fertilizing: feed frequently during growing period