Scindapsus Argyraeus Satin Pothos Silver Ann in 8 cm pot

Scindapsus  Argyraeus Satin Pothos Silver Ann 

Pot size in cm: 8,5

Plant height in cm (approx):

Climbing tropical plant, its vines tend to shoot long and aerial roots at the nodes grow long in search of wood to cling to. Kept indoors has nothing to adhere to so mainly kept as hanging plant. Theleaves are velvety to touch with silver on green contrasting colours. Best for trailing or hanging.

Light: bright indirect light

Soil: rich, well-drained soil

Watering: water when the top 2-3 inches of soil becomes dry, tolerate underwatering

Fertilizer: balanced, water-soluble fertilizer applied monthly through the growing season

Humidity: above average