Tradescantia Nanouk in 12 cm pot

 Tradescantia Nanouk in 12 cm pot

Nanouk Tradescantia has a very compact and upright growth habit and spreads freely. It is considered a fast grower.The upright stem cascades over the planter. Leaves have unusuall colour - light purple, green and grey. Can flower with pink and white blooms.

Pot size in cm: 14

Height in cm (approx): 15-20

Light: it grows best in bright though indirect light

SoilGood drainage is a need. If your soil tends to be heavy, add some sand to lighten it up.

Watering: water when the top inch of soil is dry. Overwatering is more problematic than under watering.

Fertilizer: this cultivar does not really need fertilizer

Humidity: Tradescantia adapts to average room humidity, but will thrive in higher humidity, especially in the summer or dry conditions - near a heater. Your Tradescantia will also like occasional misting to help remove dust.