Ficus Benjamina Weeping Fig Bushy King

 Ficus Benjamina Weeping Fig Bushy King

Pot in cm: 12

Height in cm: 30-40 (including pot)

One of the most widespread houseplants is Ficus. It comes in many different forms with variety of foliage.  Very collectable plant and one of the easiest to care for. Ficus Benjamina is also know as weeping fig. Slow growing with small birch tree leaf shape. Quick to inform you if it dislikes something by leaf drop, but will regrow them once it's sorted.

Position: bright spot, no direct sunlight, will tolerate shadier spot too

Soil:  well draining potting compost

Watering: keep the soil lightly moist , do not let to dry up and do not overwater.

Pot covers: choose a 14 cm pot cover to give a good fit over the pot.

Fertilizer: fertilize monthly from April to September

Humidity: maintain humidity between 50 to 70%

Avoid repotting unnecessarily as this causes leaf drop

Ceramic pot for illustration purposes only. Plant supplied in standard nursery pot.