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Zamioculcas Zenzi

Zamioculcas zenzi

Care: Easy

Pot in cm: 14

Height in cm: 40 (including pot)

Position: bright spot, no direct sunlight, will tolerate shady spot too

Soil:  well draining potting compost

Watering: as and when required, allow to dry up a bit in between 

ZENZI variety is a new cultivar of Zamioculcas. It has got dwarf nature and leaves closer to each other. Quite rare at the moment still. 

Tropical plant, zamiocalcus also known as 'Zanzibar Gem'. Its a real gem for lazy gardeners that is hard to kill. Its leaves with unusualy high water content of over 90% with individual leaf longevity up to 6 month survives without water for upto 4 month. Regular overwatering is what can problems for this plant. It thrives on neglect.