Aeschynanthus Pink Polka Green

Aeschynanthus Pink Polka Green

Pot size in cm: 15

Plant height in cm (approx): 40

Aeschynanthus is a genus of about 150 species of evergreen subtropical and tropical plants. It is known as the lipstick plant because of the tubular scarlet flowers which sprout out from the ends of the stems. They are usually trailing epiphytes similar to Hoya and orchids with brightly coloured flowers. Perfect for growing indoors in a hanging basket so that foliage can trail over the edge to be fully appreciated.

It is very undemanding plant for indoor plant collection. Even though it is native to the Asian tropics, Aeschynanthus doesn’t need too much water. It is most important to water more during the blooming which is from May to September, and have a rather drier period during the winter months.

Light: a lot of bright, indirect light, but can take some lower light levels

Soil: well drainig compost

Watering: allow the surface to dry-out between waterings

Fertilizer: general-purpose feed once a month  during the growing season (May-August)

Humidity: high humidity, mist weekly


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