Dendrobium Nobile Apollon Orchid

Dendrobium Nobile Apollon Orchid - 1 Stem

Pot ⌀:11 cm
Height approx: 50-60cm

Dendrobium orchid is commonly known as the noble dendrobium, is a member of the family Orchidaceae. It has become a popular cultivated decorative house plant, because it produces colourful blooms in winter and spring, at a time when little else is in flower.

The Apollon is the most versatile Dendrobium. The stems are totally covered with buds. The flowers are as white as snow and have a soft yellow centre. This gives the plant a luxurious and restful look.

Keep in bright light, at 65-85 °F (18-30°C) and 50-70% humidity. Plant in orchid potting mix, water when the top of the potting medium is dry and fertilize lightly every 1-2 weeks. Prune after flowering. In the autumn, reduce water and fertilizer and expose to cooler temperatures to stimulate reblooming.