Haworthia spider white

Haworthia spider white        


Pot size in cm: 10,5 

Height in cm (approx): 15 (including pot)

Haworthias are small cactus-like succulents that have clusters of pointed green leaves with white stripes that grow in a rosette shape. Haworthia is an easy plant to grow.

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. The best place is east or west-facing windowsill. They can grow in partial shade but the colors may fade.

Soil: They grow best in well-draining cactus potting mix.

Watering:  The plants need watering as often as the potting mix dries out. In winter they  need watering as other succulent plants every other month.

Fertilizer: They don’t require much feeding.

Humidity: They need low humidity to grow (average household humidity is ideal)