Maranta Leuconeura fascinator

Maranta Leuconeura var. erythroneura

Pot size in cm: 12
Height in cm (approx): 20

The Maranta leuconeura species has some of the most strikingly beautiful, decorative leaves in the plant kingdom. Maranta Tricolor is a native to Brazil know as The Prayer Plant, is a hardy tropical plant. . The popular tricolor variety has deep green, velvety leaves with yellow splotches down the midrib and arching red veins traveling to the leaf margins. 

Maranta is a wonderful plant to grow in a hanging basket as she’ll grow wide and hang from it.

Light: bright indirect light

Soil: well-draining, but constantly moist potting mix

Wateringmake sure you water enough so that your soil does not become dried out. When you touch the soil of your plant, it should be slightly damp.

Fertilizer: fertilize every 2 weeks during the growing season

Humidity: Maintain high humidity