Arucaria Heterophylla Norfolk Island Pine – alternative Cristmas tree

November 26, 2019

araucaria heterophylla norfolk pine tree christmas decor

Every year we face the same issue after Christmas is over regarding what to do with the Christmas tree. For this reason, most people have opted for artificial trees so that they can just pack them away until next year and just reuse the same tree until it needs replacing. Although this is a convenient option, it doesn’t really feel the same as having a real tree that smells like Christmas and feels like real branches and needles instead of plastic. Luckily, there is now a fantastic and Christmast-y alternative tree that can stay with you all year! The Araucaria heterophylla, also known as the Norfolk Island Pine, is all the rage and will maintain your holiday spirit while also giving you a great houseplant for the rest of the year.

The Norfolk Island Pine has a similar shape to the Evergreen tree so it will still look like a Christmas tree. The pine needles are soft and the tree will give you all of the Christmastime warm and fuzzy feelings. The shape and symmetry of the tree will allow it to give the same look when you put the ornaments and decorations on it. However, this tree is generally smaller than your traditional Christmas tree so it will fit more comfortably inside of your home after the holidays are over. You can leave the tree in a pot instead of the normal Christmas tree stands so that you can place it in another part of the house once the holiday has past and the decorations are cleaned up.

The branches on these araucaria heterophylla trees have soft needles but sturdy branches, so they make for great trees for hanging lights. If you find a small version of the tree then you can even use them as a centerpiece for your table at a Christmas party. You can even use the small trees as decorations around your house if you have a coffee table or end tables by your couch. It could also be a great gift to give to a friend if you have one of those particularly creative or eclectic people in your life who would decorate it and have fun with it. The great thing about this particular tree is that it does not require large amounts of care in order to grow and flourish, as long as it is in the right environment.

The Norfolk Island Pine tree requires a warm climate. If you live in a cooler climate then you can place it indoors until the weather outside is conducive to the tree’s growth and health. If you live in a warm climate, then you can keep the tree in your yard all year until it is Christmastime again. Araucaria heterophylla is able to take some direct sunlight, so don’t be afraid to give it some photosynthesis love! Be sure to maintain regular watering, depending on the size of the tree as well as the size of the pot and amount of soil in it. If you are able to maintain all of this, then your tree should live long and flourish for many Christmases to come!

The traditional Christmas tree is big and beautiful and has its perks, but this new trend is taking over for a reason. The Norfolk Island Pine is something special and has a different vibe to offer, but it is just as beautiful and will give you everything that you need for the Christmas season. Don’t be afraid to give it a try and see how it can fit into your life, and if you’re one of those people who loves Christmas all year then your tree will continue living with you for as long as you’d like!

How to care guide for Araucaria Heterophylla.

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